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“What a deal!” - “This is really cheap” - way below market price” - “At this price you can’t go wrong!” etc. ad infinitum. How many times have you been at an auction sale and heard the auctioneer bellow out these catch lines as though he actually knows what he is talking about? Too many people do not realize that the auctioneer is not there working for you - he is working for the consignor of the equipment and for his own pocket. Once he has your money, regardless of whether you remove the equipment or not, your relationship is over. The auction house is not bound to provide any warranty or guarantee that what you bought is actually able to be used under current codes or building guidelines. It is very much “caveat emptor” - buyer beware. There is a large difference between what is sold at an auction and what a reputable dealer will sell as refurbished. The basic guidelines are as follows:

“As is” / “Used” - implies that there is absolutely no guarantee whatsoever. Once you pay for it, it belongs to you. The fact that something was working at the place you bought it is no guarantee that it can be re-installed at your location and work. “As is” is the condition of most auction sales or listings made by private individuals selling through newspapers. “Used” equipment is just that - as you found it, in good working order or not. Judge your price accordingly when dealing with an individual that is happy to take premium dollar from you for a piece and then vanishes once problems start to occur.

“reconditioned / refurbished” - implies that the item has received attention from a qualified factory trained service department in the form of stripping to the essentials, clean & paint, repair/rewire and rebuild as required. A reputable food equipment dealer that is selling equipment as reconditioned will offer a warranty of anywhere from 30 to 90 days from date of purchase. A reconditioned piece will be price accordingly based on replacement cost for new or based on actual reconditioning costs. Buying reconditioned equipment from a dealer along with your new equipment items, will help you lower your overall costs. This would justify the difference between what you should be willing to pay at an auction sale versus what the same item is worth when purchased from a dealer.

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